June 5, 2011

Missing scenes from The Tree of Life

Terrence Malick notoriously uses only a fraction of the scenes he shoots for his films. After viewing the film last night I have cataloged all of the screencaps of scenes thus far found on the internet not included in the finished film. This is mostly for my own benefit but I'm sure there are others who are as obsessed about Malick's films as I. Please correct me if any of these are actually in the film. I understand that some of these might be publicity or reference photos and were never meant to be in the film. Enjoy!

From the trailer:

From kinopoisk.ru

From other promotional material:

From NYTimes.com:

From posters

Curiously, young Jack is not in this poster at all and it looks like they are trying to hit a bird or something in the air.

Unused poster that shows a tent set up in the sea.

Behind the scenes: 

IMDB lists Kari Matchett as "Jack's ex". I presume this is her.

From i09.com

From TerrenceMalick.org

Missing scenes from interviews and articles:
Dancing in the rain
Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien with Dexter
Francois Larosa had scenes that were cut from the film
Filming was done with Sean Penn inside of a car
Lightning, Chastain and woman in bridal gown underwater
Filming was done at the Houston zoo, Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Natural Sciences, and the Wilson Tunnel - none of which made the cut
IMDB lists Zach Irsik as "Jack's son" and Jackson Hurst as "Uncle Ray" who are missing from the finished film.
"Jordan" was an extra who sung 'Amazing Grace' for a scene in the movie
Jack goes off to boarding school
Jack's ex-girlfriend
"Love every blade of grass, every ray of light" voice-over was originally part of a different scene
60,000 lb tree of life relocated to film set is hardly in film
A grey dinosaur was cut after the Cannes version? @13:40
The dinosaur scene was cut from 50 pieces of footage
Filming was done at the Palace of Versailles
"a  friend of mine got a part as a (factory) employee who gets screamed at by his boss..."
Paul Maher Jr. will feature many more missing scene descriptions in his book to be sold on his website
2nd Unit shots video

Varied film lengths:
2 hr 45 mins
4-3/4 hours
6 hours
8 hours

If you know of anything to add or subtract, please e-mail me at Light.Knowledge.Glory@Gmail.com