March 30, 2010


Welcome to my new blog. The reason for this blog is to share my thoughts on life, theology, ministry, higher learning, fatherhood, and even a little film criticism when I have the time. Although I will normally be updating at night, this will not be my Doogie Howser journal, but hopefully something that I can use to share what I'm learning. After 10 years of informal trial-and-error learning, I have learned much about people, God, the world and myself. 2010 has brought about many changes in my life and I am beginning to react to them. I have returned to college to study Jesus Christ; his life, death, work, and the implications and consequences of these. Many people may believe that going to college to learn about Jesus Christ is like going to McDonald's to learn how to get skinny. But I feel that God is leading me to a degree in which I could serve him more faithfully, follow him with more dedication, and glorify him greater with. Please enjoy what will follow on this page and feel free to throw at me any questions, comments, concerns, bumps, scrapes, scratches, bruises, ect. Thank you and enjoy!